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Preform Presses

Preform Ton Press

Let LMG help you with the preparation of your material for compression and transfer molding. We build Preformers ranging from 10 to 450 tons. LMG built its first Preform Press in the 1970’s. We have designed Preformers for many types of material including: phenolic, epoxy, Teflon powder, friction material, and bulk molding compound. We can preform the material in different shapes and sizes. It can be a disc, a disc with a hole, or a cylindrical shape. Let the Engineering Design Team at LMG, with their past experience, help determine which Preformer will best fit your application.

Preform Ton Press

Any LMG automation solution can be designed with any of the following options to further optimize the process.

Standard Press Features

  • Volume Repeatability
  • Process Speed
  • Automatic Operation
  • Adjustable speeds
  • Solenoid Indicating Lights for Troubleshooting
  • Feed Hopper
  • LCD Operator Interface

Available Options

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