Energy Industry

Gas and oil drilling using the fracking technology has grown substantially over the past few years. Some of the equipment used in this process incorporates parts that are made from thermoset materials such as BMC and phenolic. These parts are compression or transfer molded on LMG presses.

In the automotive industry, manufacturers have been looking at alternative ways to power the automobile. One of the alternative technologies being given consideration is fuel cells. Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells generate electricity from hydrogen and oxygen forming water. A high percentage of the bipolar plates used in a fuel cell are molded using BMCI’s conductive graphite vinyl ester. Vinyl ester is a thermoset material. LMG has developed a high speed press with all the features necessary to mold flat bipolar plates.

Other uses for fuel cells include back-up power and energy generation for houses.

LMG’s Lithium Extruder extrudes thin foils of lithium in a dry room. The extruded lithium is used in multitudinous battery applications.

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