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Our Past and Present

About LMG

In 1935, The C.A. Lawton Co. began a journey that would ultimately lead to the position as the most creative, most innovative plastic molding equipment manufacturer in North America. In the 21st century, Lawton Machinery has built on that success to offer the world's finest plastic process equipment for compression and transfer molding.

At LMG, we are successful when we help our customers optimize their core processes by enhancing your ability to generate revenue through new product development reducing your overall cost to manufacture by addressing the entire manufacturing process and evaluating all factors of production (labor, equipment, and capital).

Create Relationships with End Users:

Over 90% of the presses built at LMG each year are delivered to customers who already own LMG presses. We take great pride in creating and growing that kind of customer loyalty.

Turn-Key Supplier:

At LMG we not only deliver your press, but the process support, preventive maintenance, operator training and - in some cases - the mold to support their new products! This capability is why LMG stands out in a field of other press manufacturers!

LMG Added Value:

At LMG, we believe strongly that what we provide to our customers is the capability to produce enough good parts, on time, the commitment to positively impact your manufacturing operation, and the certainty of a successful outcome - certainty that you can share with your customer!

For over 120 years (beginning in 1879) the Lawton - Machinery Division has been servicing a wide range of customers in the plastics molding industries. There is a deep and long tradition of creating value for our customers by helping them to reduce cost or enhance productivity while maintaining quality and profitability.

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Our success is measured by your success.